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Brothel-in: your worldwide sex guide Brothel-in will lead the way to your desired club. We offer guidance to find a sex-club, brothel or alternative club in most of the cities around the world. Start your search and be amazed!

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The world’s best brothels, sex clubs and strip clubs

Amsterdam, Moscow, New York - these cities have so many incredible places to visit during the day. We are sure that you’ve already visited different museums, historic monuments and other cultural amenities. You have probably also made pictures to show to your family and friends. Very nice holiday… but we know that you are craving for more implicit fun that will not be part of your “show-and-tell” story. This fun is more for a “bull session” in a bar…

Brothel-in is the right tool to help you locate your much desired night out! This website covers a worldwide sexguide so you can pin down all the hot spots within reach. You can find it all, whether you are looking for a gents club, sex club or a brothel. The inspiration source for the concept was the Red Light District in Amsterdam. It is the world’s famous place of adult entertainment and it’s easy to find for every sex tourist. But what about other cities? The demand for such places is high, but what is the chance for you to find a decent place at once? We combined the best brothels, strip clubs and erotic services in one place. We have categorized them city by city and constantly add more and more cities. Now in our database there are more than 35 cities and more than 300 locations to visit. We have selected only the top notch places with impeccable reputation and quality service. Each place is conveniently shown on the map so you won’t have any difficulty in finding it, plus you can see which one is more convenient to reach for you. This looks like a good sex guide, isn’t it? We provide you with convincing pictures, a small description and some background information.

Brothel-in is the service that will help you decide for the best sex opportunity. In what mood are you today? Are you in for some playful stripteases or more kinky games? Are you looking for some exquisite sex or an erotic massage? With our help you can choose the best variant for your entertainment and pleasure, all within the bounds of your worldwide sexguide. So don’t wait and find your strip club, gents club, sauna and the best brothels in your city!